Memphis Skyline Mug

Handmade 10oz ceramic mug featuring Memphis skyline.

Diameter: 3.5'' 

Height: 3''
Width including handle: 5''

Microwave and dishwasher safe.


Sarah Brubaker, 29, Memphian 

"My whole life I have been making things, the materials have changed but the desire to create never has. I love all the layers that go into pottery. In Ceramics you get to form the clay, carve layers, paint underglaze, fire, add glaze, refire and then somehow all of those parts come together in a combination of beauty and functionality.  I love that I get to make something that can be used for morning coffee routines or that adds a bit of color to a family meal. It doesn't just hang on a wall but is held in your hands.  I love using pottery to help others (and myself) remember, celebrate and live slowly.  Remember special events or priorities or pictures of God's faithfulness, celebrate friendship and shared meals, and live slowly taking time to enjoy a good cup of coffee or sit and watch the sunset."