the bfr crew

Britney Lee Christie: Co-Founder I am an everyday girl with huge hopes and dreams for not only myself, but those I meet. I'm a teacher turned stay at home mom, turned mobilizing coordinator for a church mission organization, turned co-founder of BeFree Rev. My love for mission was sparked while I was still in high school on a mission trip in Guatemala.  Since then, I have been to Kenya five times, Belize and Honduras working on various mission projects. Each journey I take I get to know and understand God more and more as I see Him through each soul I encounter, as they teach me about faith and I teach them about love and possibilities of a future. Being a missionary means so many things to me... It means guiding people to the heart of God, counseling them to a future of peace, educating them to future of hope and empowering them to a future of freedom. It's clear that I have 3 callings in my life: wife, mother and missionary and maybe a DIY everything guru ;)  My husband Michael and I have been married for over 4 years and we have a beautiful daughter, Lynlee and a precious little boy Everhett.   Lacey Pease Stluka: Co-Founder I was born and raised in Memphis, TN where I studied art and journalism. I studied photography in Florence, Italy where my love for travel, obsession with coffee and all that is creative began. My bucket list has always consisted of travel the globe, get to Africa, do something that matters and write till my fingers fall off. I finally made it to Africa, July of 2011, and as expected it shook me to my core and my heart was more alive and full of Jesus Christ than ever before. The Lord's calling for me was simple, "Go.." I have not looked back since. As soon as I find myself stagnant and knee deep in fear or uncertainty, I remember God's call for me, "Go" and I move forward and that's when the door to Be Free Rev flew open and it's been raining blessings ever since. At BFR, we fight for a future for those who cannot, and in return they instill a faith within us that keeps us fighting. God also blessed me with a beautiful family, 2 insane dogs and the most incredible husband, Adam. We love the Lord more than ourselves and each other which makes the road, of this thing called life, paved with nothin' but sunshine :)       Morgan Cooper: Director of Fundraising and Ministry Development 1518620_221450984704859_1628582983_o (1)Faith,  Family and Friends are the foundation of who I am. I was born and raised in North Alabama where I attended a small Christian school and in the 8th grade, formed a crush on the guy that would soon become my best friend and later my husband. It was also at the 1070129_10101992177068140_657723682_oage of 14 when I developed a huge burden for missions and answered the call to full-time ministry. I graduated college with a degree in elementary education and taught for 5 years here in Memphis. The culture, spirit and beauty of Africa became my heartbeat after I had the amazing opportunity to serve in the Ivory Coast in 2007 then traveled to Kenya twice in 2013. I enjoy being active, reading, teaching and doing anything crafty. God has continued "to do exceeding abundantly" by allowing me the amazing opportunity to be a part of BFR. I am excited, overwhelmed and humbled to serve here and there, desiring for my journey to do nothing other than glorify my God who is always good, faithful and right. Joy in the Journey!         Caroline Price: Project Coordinator IMG_1983 (1)I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Memphis.  While in college, my life was transformed and redirected when I heard about Jesus for the first time. As I grew in faith, I began to see God’s plan of redemption and healing through Jesus as not only the basis of my relationship with Him, but also the motivation for all that I do in this world. God is on a mission to heal and restore all brokenness, and he begins by transforming the hearts of people. For five years after college, I worked with a ministry to international students in the Memphis area. In August 2013, I married Michael and moved to St. Louis while he finished his master’s degree at Covenant Theological Seminary. We are now back in Memphis, and I am enjoying working at Be Free Revolution!  Michael and I love learning about different cultures, languages and getting to know people from around the world.  We also love hosting friends in our home.  And we are currently in the process of adopting children from Hungary!                

Kaitlyn Stoddard: Marketing/Sales

photo (4)I was born and raised in Memphis, TN where I grew up riding horses and running cross country. After graduating high school my love for travel coupled with a modeling career took me multiple places internationally, igniting a desire in me to better understand the world and all of its cultures. Since then, I have been blessed with many adventures in my life. Some of them include hiking the red rocks of the western U.S; studying Art and Spanish in Barcelona, Spain; climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris; and most recently traveling to Kenya on my first mission trip (I say first, because I know without a doubt that I will be going back).

Currently, I am a high school cross country coach, visual artist, and aspiring art desitherapist.  Sitting at my desk at my past job, I stumbled upon an  opportunity with Be Free and applied for it that very same day. Though it was a spontaneous move, it was no coincidence, because doors of opportunity have been flying open ever since. Now more than ever, I am aware of my calling to live and share a creative lifestyle with those I meet. I have discovered a passion for working with teenagers through my job as a coach, and it was incredible to be able to share that with the kids in Kenya halfway around the world. When I'm not coaching, or working on an art (usually photography) project, I spend my time riding my horse who is more like a large lap-dog, running with my dog who is more like a small bear, or spending time with my fiance or my family who are just awesome loving people. I’m a dreamer and an adventurer, and I have nothing but high expectations and faith in God and the people around me.  My biggest goals in life have always been to see the world, understand its people, and somehow make a difference. All you need is love!

      Priscilla Macharia: Papers of Peace Coordinator Priscilla is a beautiful mother of 2 girls, Shirlene, 2yrs, and Britney, 12 yrs. She works in a slum called, Kibera, and runs a school called, Wings of Life, alongside her mother, Pastor Jane. Priscilla is a pillar of strength and is working fiercely towards a new future for her school. She not only oversees the children's education but takes an active role in fighting for their success and future. She believes in the beauty and brains of the little souls she mentors, educates and protects within her community of Kibera. She believes education is the key to the success of her pupils and that no one can take that from them. Priscilla is an inspiration to BFR which is why we asked her to be part of our team. She not only is the creative mind and coordinator of the gorgeous handmade Papers of Peace, but a courageous African woman fighting towards a future of freedom.         Janet Shitandi: Kenya Coordinator janetI am from Kakamega and my mission is to reach out to the less fortunate in the society. I 531108_379577165457438_1725232644_nalso enjoy cooking and shopping. What I love most about my family is we are always there for each other in whatever the situation and we always pray together as a family.  I have been married for fifteen years now to Steve Odour who is a trusted friend of BFR. We are blessed with six children and I love the having a God fearing family. Janet manages all BFR operations in Kenya on a full time basis. She oversees projects, mission team prep, the mission home, counseling projects and serves alongside our mission teams in territories we serve in. She inspires the youth by sharing her journey from where she came from to where she is now, a strong, successful and God fearing Kenyan woman. She is constantly inspiring our BFR teams with her devout faith and teaching us what it truly means to trust in the Lord to provide and protect. We are honored to have this beautiful woman a part of the vision and mission of Be Free Revolution.     Jael Shali: BFR Counselor (Pehucci Children's Home) image 9I was born in the Coastal province of Kenya, and raised up in the mountainous village of Taita. Being in a GOD fearing family,I had a humble childhood life with not so much but full of village adventures such as; farming, herding, e.t.c. In 2004, I met a friend and the love of my life, Maurice. We eventually got married in an awesome wedding on Dec. 2012. We are both born again and love GOD so much. We have been the happiest people ever since our wedding and enjoy the love GOD has blessed us with each and everyday. Being newlyweds, life is amazing as we continue enjoying each others company and learning to submit to each other with the instructions of the Almighty GOD. My mission in life is to bring change by empowering people through counseling and making them realize how important they are and their great destiny.These lovely people are always very 2013-09-25 12.59.57important to me they include: The less fortunate children, victims of HIV/AIDS, orphans,widows, and the neglected. I counsel these lovely souls with reference to the word of of GOD and expose His love and plans for us. I also do by sharing my real life experience as well as others from far and wide. In addition through my professional counseling knowledge I have also been able to do it. My calling to be a great wife, wonderful mother,and awesome counselor. I love to listen to people of all ages,with varied experiences; to learn,experience, share and help out where possible. My other calling is serving GOD through Praise and worship in my church. I counsel young orphans from several family backgrounds in Kenya. With so touching stories,I love to listen to each of their fears, shortcomings and put myself in their shoes. I counsel them and through prayer and the word of GOD as well as professional counseling sessions and every time there has been an answer to their challenges. I am passionate about seeing these great souls changed positively and begin to live lives full of;Love, joy,peace,and progress with a sense of great hope. Through them there will be awesome change in the society. This is what "BE FREE" is all about and I give GOD all the Glory!