Our Model

One of the big reasons we opened The Rev was to be able to employ more artisans that we met around the globe. When we started Be Free Revolution we were working with men and women in Kenya and Uganda on various trades to help them earn an honest income for their families. We then marketed and wholesaled it as an accessories brand. We would match what we paid our artisans and place it into a program of need such as feeding or education into the schools we were serving within there. We saw this really work and making a real difference full circle. It not only helped them earn an honest wage but it gave them pride knowing their work was also providing for these kids within the nearby schools. With the success of this program we met other artisans who wanted to join us. Being a wholesale brand at the time we could not employ everyone and we were becoming heavily burdened with this limitation.

With The Rev we are now able to employ other artisans doing beautiful works such as art, home decor, etc as well as come alongside other brands and organizations working to do similar empowerment programs. Now we are able to create more jobs, long-term sustainability, inspire and impact the city of Memphis and create a larger difference in the people and projects we are doing in Kenya and Uganda.