Making a Difference One Win at a Time


The Story

Wins for Wings is a fundraising movement sparked by a team member, Rob Daniel, who served on a BFR mission trip. Rob served with us in the trenches of Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, in a school called Wings of Life. He saw a slum with no sanitation system, no opportunity and over 1 million men, women and children playing and living in this half mile square radius filled with trash paved streets. Rob worked to encourage the teachers and children and saw that Wings was a piece of heaven within this extremity of poverty. Rob is a well known sumo wrestler competing in tournaments and matches all over the world and wants to use his platform to change lives within Wings of Life.

From this passionate perspective, Wins for Wings was born.

The Goal

To provide hope and opportunity within Wings of Life School through sports programs around the world.

Place of Impact


How You Can Help

Start a a pledge drive within your sports program by contacting Morgan Cooper at

If you want to make a pledge for Wins for Wings contact Morgan Cooper at or call 901.275.7421