Picking a Word for the Year

January 10, 2017

Each year we are faced with the tradition of "New Year's Resolutions." Sometimes we throw them out altogether and boycott the whole idea and sometimes we decide to go for it again determined this year will be "the year."

An idea that you may be familiar with is to pick one or two words for your year. These words become something you strive towards and use to remind yourself to stay on track, they sort of become your mantra for the year, if you will.

If you have been around me much, you may hear me ask "What is your word going to be for 2017?". My husband is one of those- "don't ask me, I don't care, bah humbug" types when it comes to this concept but for me, I just can't help myself! There is something about the newness and fresh feel of a new year. You can't deny the beauty in reflecting on your past year; good or bad and feeling hopeful for the upcoming year. This concept also mirrors what we find in scripture. The Lord encourages us to reflect and move forward with wisdom. We cannot know where we are headed if we are not aware of our successes or failures from our past. A verse that is written in terrible pink lipstick on my bathroom mirror reminds me of this daily...

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! - 1 Corinthians 5:17 (emphasis added)

As I reflect on 2016, I am overwhelmed by the grace of God and his faithfulness. I was hit was some unforseen obstacles with anxiety that carried from 2015,  the sudden death of my mother-in-law in March and then some family struggles, but through all of that I felt the Lord pulling me closer than ever before. I felt Him come alive through His Word in a way that I could have never found without those struggles. He showed me that I was to love and honor Him above all things and that He was in control of my life, my family, my son, my business-in everything. I began to believe fully in the mighty power of the Lord and He literally took the reigns for me. He breathed a second wind into me during 2016 and man was it beautiful. I felt real peace, the kind that comes with confidence and trust. Through discipline, self care, discipleship, getting back on the mission field, opening up to close friends/family and leaning closer to The Lord than ever before I was able to see areas in my life where God needed me to grow, move, embrace and where He needed me to take my place- and I did. 
As we start this new year I have seen so many negative perspectives or posts on social media and T.V. and I am here to say- bad things happen to all of us, tough circumstances, loss or whatever your burden may be BUT don't let it steal joy and allow the devil to put you in a place of fear. Peace and confidence in Christ is there if you chose to take it and trust in it. What if we stop trying to figure out the mind of God or blaming God, but instead praise Him through it all...and I mean THROUGH IT ALL. What if we stop taking bad situations and thinking we are victims of God's punishment and just let God love and comfort us through them instead. What if we just loved The Lord on those dark days and decided to let them be light instead.. Imagine the warmth. I feel it and I invite you to join me in the light. 

With all that on my mind, I chose my word for 2017 to be "Present." This word to me is a verb with the motivation to 'Be Present' in everything I do. I will not let the devil play in my brain and heart, I will not worry about the future and I will not let the joy of today pass. 

I WILL be Present. I will be in each moment, fully and completely and not thinking about the 1000 things I will do next. I will listen... really listen to others and most importantly to The Lord. I will enjoy each moment with Miles whether watching Mickey Mouse for the 900th time or counting to 20 for the first time and stop worrying that "it passes so fast" and that I will miss it. I will slow time down, create more and enjoy time and meals with my family and friends. I will be present in my life today, right now. Period.

With this "pick a word" thought process in mind, many of the Rev peeps selected a Giving Key with their word on it. I have some friends who literally have 5 keys on their necklace representing 5 different years in their life and each word they chose was a powerful reminder and story of that year. If you are not familiar with Giving Keys, they work to transition men and women out of homelessness in Los Angeles by employing them with employment. The keys are designed with a "pay it forward" mentality-after you feel you have accomplished or as I would like to say dominated that word, you pass it on to someone else that you feel could pull strength or inspiration from it. We love Giving Keys and their mission! 

For a very limited time, we are offering custom Giving Keys for the new year! You can select the finish, chain type and the word you want to represent and spring you forward into 2017! But hurry- we are only offering this till  FRIDAYJan 20th Click here for all the details and to order.  

So if you are anything like me, and want a constant reminder to be present or if you are striving for focus in 2017, or if you are learning to be still, or if you are embarking on a year of adventure let us be apart of your reminder and your fashion forward approach toward making a new in 2017. 
 I genuinely think the best is yet to come friends... or I should your best is already here if you chose to embrace and be present in it. 


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