Tender Warrior: Molly Farrell

May 11, 2018

Tender Warrior: Molly Farrell

As we walked into The Farrell’s home, Molly’s one-year- old daughter, Olivia, welcomed us into their home with a big, open-mouthed smile and giggles that filled the room.

photo by Stephanie Hilleary Photography

“One of the biggest joys of being a mom is learning to slow down and enjoy every moment.” said Molly as Olivia emptied out the Tupperware cabinet and scattered the contents across the kitchen floor.

photo by Stephanie Hilleary Photography

Molly is a wife, new mom, and small business owner. She worked in the wedding industry for many years with Allison Rodgers Photography, then opened Maggie Louise Bridal Boutique in 2012 while her and her husband, Eric, were just dating. The love that Molly has for Eric is awe inspiring.

“He is so passionate about serving others,” Molly gushed. Eric was planning to go to medical school, and was working with Molly at Maggie Louise during his gap year. “I had already decided that I was willing to leave my dreams to help him follow his,” Molly said as she shared about how he has continually supported her.

However, as they worked hand in hand, they began to see Maggie Louise as way to serve together and now both run the business. Molly is passionate about loving women in a chaotic season and helping them to see themselves as God sees them— beautiful and loved. Their journey, however, hasn’t always been easy.

photo by Stephanie Hilleary Photography

“The first year was so scary, but I just kept trusting. There were times when I didn’t know how the rent would get paid,” she said. “Every day I had to make the choice to surrender, surrender my plans for God’s plans, my business for His. I knew that I had something that I could offer these women, an experience-a chance to feel loved and beautiful and special.”

“As the years flew by, we got the news that we were having a baby! We were thrilled.” Having Liv and watching her grow has been one of the greatest things of my life.” On Tuesdays, Molly and Oliva stay home together all day. “Tuesdays have become my favorite days even though I usually get absolutely nothing done,”she laughed.

photo by Stephanie Hilleary Photography

As Molly and I talked she spoke about the topic of “mom guilt.” A topic that seems to circulate a lot these days-moms are expected to do it all, perfectly, with a smile on their face. Molly had great wisdom to share- “We have to let go of of all these expectations that aren’t inline with scripture. Things like that we have to breastfeed our babies for a certain amount of time, we have to work, or we should never work. We have to lay these guilts down and realize they don’t make us a better moms. God calls me to raise Olivia as a child of His— that is the most important thing” she said.

photo by Stephanie Hilleary Photography

She encourages other working moms to give themselves grace.

Molly’s word for this year is, “choose.

“Every day I have the chance to choose joy, to choose my husband, to choose to be present, to choose to put my phone down, and to choose surrender. Being a mom has taught me so much about love, faith, surrender, and God’s grace. Maggie Louise was mine and Eric’s first labor of love but our role as Olivia’s parents has been our greatest joy.”

I thought to myself that It would be easy to meet Molly and think, “Wow, she has it all together— a husband, a business and a sweet baby girl.” How often is our first response as women to compare ourselves? We take one look at what seems like success and we either resent it or beat ourselves up for not being more successful ourselves. 

I love honest stories because they push us past the comparison and impossible standards and lead us to empathy and encouragement. 

Molly encouraged me so much to slow down, to live in grace, and to choose the good stuff. Even more, she was a reminder to me of how every single woman has a story and when we choose to only see what is on the outside, we miss out on so much. She stressed this struggle for moms, but I think it applies to women in every stage. 

So often young women dismiss older women as close-minded and older women dismiss younger women as naive, or we think we are the best because we are educated or because we work the hardest or because we go to a certain church or because we travel. What if we all championed each others beautifully unique stories? What if we celebrated the different paths and passions God has given to each of us? 

I am so honored to have the opportunity to write these stories, but I hope they are each a reminder to you of your own beautifully unique story, and the stories of everyone around you.



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