Cake + Courage

March 26, 2019

Cake + Courage


On March 8th, Lacey, co-owner of The Rev and Co- Founder of Be Free Revolution, shared with me Lenser’s situation. Lenser is a young woman from Kibera Slum, located in Nairobi, Kenya and is one of the largest slums in Africa. Through God’s grace, she received a BFR Kid sponsorship that got her into high school outside of this slum. Now that she has graduated high school she is waiting to start her next steps. With dreams of being a baker, she applied and was accepted into Ztech University’s Hospitality program in Kenya. However in able to enroll, she is in need of BFR Scholar Sponsorship to cover her tuition + living + other school fees / needs. 


We began dreaming up ways to share her story and ultimately raise funds to get her in school and help her achieve her dream of baking cakes that bring happiness to her impoverished community of Kibera where cakes are a rarity. 

An immediate thought was birthdays + birthday parties and how to incorporate that into what we already offer for birthday parties (JEWELRY PARTIES!) With my upcoming birthday I decided to put this idea into action! This is when cakes + courage came about!

This March, I had the big 2-4! I created a 24 for $24 challenge, I asked my close friends and family if they would be one of my 24 to donate $24 dollars toward Lenser’s education + dreams! Finding 24 people to say YES would allow Lenser to have a whole quarter of her schooling completely covered financially! 

Within 24 hours of my very first ask we had 18 people commit to $24 for Lenser, and shortly after that we had MORE than 24 spots accounted for which meant MORE THAN a quarter of her school was paid for, done! 

I was elated!! I felt so encouraged by everyone who rallied around to support the idea that Lenser does not have to do it alone, that she has people who have never met her rooting her on, knowing how she will use her time and talents well to become the woman she dreams to be, making cakes along the way!

As incredible as covering ONE whole quarter of her schooling is, she still has just under $4,000 left so that she can fulfill both years of this program! This is where the Cake + Courage challenge really takes shape. It is a community of people, not just my 24 who said yes! 

Typically one or two people will commit to sponsor a BFR Scholar or Graduate through school, but we realize there is power in numbers and walking hand in hand with these students is a sweet thing we get to do. We are all blessed beyond measure and are called to be stewards of our gifts - so this is not only saying yes to our calling but we are creating a ripple effect that touches nations far from ours. 


Cake + Courage is our answer to this call. 

It is a challenge to you to find your “24 for 24” - whatever that number is for you! Turning 17? Find your 17. Turning 33? Find your 33. No number is too big or small.

Here’s a little breakdown of what our hope is for Cake + Courage:

Starting with individuals with March, April + May birthdays, we are asking you to find your people, willing to be similar to my 24! 

Simply share Lenser’s story, ask people to join you in giving to support Cake + Courage. Naturally people will respond, inform them on ways to give and then extend an invitation to them to celebrate everyone who says YES to our celebration!

Celebration? YES! We are gathering all of our people to have one big celebration at The Rev!

There will be cake (naturally) + a gift for all of your people; a Courage Cuff so that they can always remember the impact they have made. 

We get to serve as vessels to do something that the Lord has already made a way for. It takes saying a big YES + simply sharing that yes with others. So, join me in saying yes!

Feeling overwhelmed because finding 20 / 17 / 39 people seems like a giant task! Don’t panic, we are here to help! We will give you materials to share with your people via text / social media. A guide to help share her story + any information they might need on giving to this Be Free Revolution Scholar.

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