The Rev Break In and God's Grace

December 09, 2015

It was a rainy Saturday night on November 28th and Lacey and I along with our husbands were enjoying a wedding of a past employee of ours. But at around 7:45ish both Lacey and my phone started blowing up. We knew something was wrong so she and I stepped out. Me and Lacey just stood there in the hallway with eyes wide staring at each other running all possible scenarios of what they stole and the damage in our heads.  

Police were there on the scene they said and we both needed to come. Our stomachs were in our throats. We walked back into the wedding where our friends were and broke the news. I am telling you that was  We were surrounded by support in that moment. Even though there wasn't much said and there wasn't even time to talk we felt the concern and the support of people who genuinely cared about us and The Rev. 

Lacey and I jumped in our husbands cars and hurriedly headed there, texting the whole way- in true form. We were playing through so many what if's both positive and negative. We were stunned really. There were a lot of “ugh” and “good grief” texts between the two of us. You could feel the blankness we were feeling on that drive. As we pulled up, the upstairs lights were on and my stomach just fell, so many things were running though my head.  racks and clothing were sprinkled throughout the front of the store. But as I walked in I was first greeted by the MPD and looked up and saw the register and felt a sigh of relief. I immediately checked a few key places and products that could be pretty debilitating if we lost and all were intact-. I then inquired about the upstairs, seeming so confused, and again my mind was set at ease when the cops assured us they did a full check of the building and left the lights on. 

As we started to assess the damage and await the CSI I honestly just felt thankful and sorry.  it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and sorry for those who did this. It was obvious they didn’t know us or know the types of products we have or that our store is dedicated to helping people. I felt sorry they were in such a place they would take what is not theirs and the weirdest thing is I was thinking- if they just would have asked we could have helped them. 

Once CSI came and gave us the green light to start cleaning up it felt so surreal sweeping up all the broken glass. The light was catching the shards of glass in such a unique and beautiful way. I kept thinking about how we work hard to shine the light into the city of Memphis and although this situation was frustrating and sad it gives us a chance to see the light, see the beauty and God’s grace in everything and that is what sweeping the thousands of As I hunched over in my heels with a little handheld brush I kept thinking how much grace we had just experienced. 

We finished the clean up, waited on a company to come board up our door, listed out the missing items to the police and each other and sat there in awe. Frustrated and thankful it wasn’t worse but still at peace. I have been broken into before and felt icky, watched and invaded. This was different.  I am not scared to continue what God has put on our hearts. If anything I am ready to work even harder. There is too much at stake here to let one brick shake us. 

God’s grace is sufficient and I experienced that through this experience. We will know more about the steps from here with insurance and what not and I know this may be a headache, BUT I know The Lord works ALL things together for His good for those who believe in Him.

We again appreciate all the constant love and support. People are asking if we need anything- sure we do-  shop local, come grab a cup of amazing coffee and meet with a friend, tell those around you about The Rev and consider how God can use you. That is what we want The Rev to do- bring people together, help people shop consciously and inspire to people to live a bold life that the Lord can use in big ways and to be a place that strives to shine the light, in Memphis, in our nation and throughout the world. 

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