How We Are Celebrating World Adoption Day!

November 09, 2015

How We Are Celebrating World Adoption Day!

Today is World Adoption Day and we could not be more excited! Of course, we have always cared deeply for orphans and for families that adopt but this year #worldadoptionday rings even closer to our hearts.

Our dear Morgan and her husband Jared are in the process of adopting from Haiti (learn more about the joy in their journey) AND our sweet friend and previous BFR/Rev girl, Caroline and her husband are also in the process of adopting. So, with all this adoption happening within our walls and so so close to our hearts we knew we needed to celebrate this years World Adoption Day with a BANG!

Soooooooooo we are offering you guys on our site but even better…… ……toward Morgan and Caroline’s adoptions to be exact!!! So hop in The Rev today, or click here and shop!

Also don't forget to draw a sweet smiley face on your hand and share the love with 2 hashtags #worldadoptionday AND #revfamilyadopts and we will share the love all day!

We deeply appreciate all of you and the support that you give to BFR, The Rev and all of the families that say yes to the amazing journey of adoption.   as they prepare to welcome their sweet kiddos into their family.

One more thing…. please join us in praying for ALL the orphans around the world. We have seen first hand what being an orphan means to these children and how willing families, BFR Kids Sponsors and trip goers make such a HUGE difference. Prayers are changing the trajectory of these children’s lives.

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