The Rev Turns One!

October 08, 2015

Woah Woah Woah we are about to celebrate our FIRST birthday at The Rev and boy is this surreal! So much has happened in the life of BFR and The Rev in this past year and there is so much to celebrate so we figured 

As Christians, God wants us to carry one another’s burdens. Many of you have helped BFR carry burdens- burdens of kids that desperately need sponsorships, buildings that need repairs, kids that need a listening ear and a loving smile, prayers for perseverance, encouragement when things are tough and funding for the many needs- and for that 

I also believe  celebrate one another’s triumphs and celebrate how He is glorified. So come on- let’s celebrate all the love within these walls, all the artisans and their families, all the folks that have been discipled and introduced to Christ, all the meals that have been provided and scholarships awarded in Kenya and Uganda, all the people… all of you... that have been the hands and feet of Christ here and all over the globe!  That is worth celebrating, so we are!

October 22nd we will be spending the day celebrating with so many fun things! Here is a snap of how our day will go:

We would LOVE to have you stop in, try one of our amazing teas that you have been eyeing, grab some yummo food from El Mero Taco Truck, design your own Generation Watch, pick out a new hand poured candle from local Memphian, Mary Claire White, talk with the Nepal refugees from Ekata Designs and see first hand the love that goes into each piece they create and even get your own custom piece made!

My friends-  of what we have in store.

We will be celebrating all day long so stay tuned to social media to see what all will be happening and to read more about the amazing artisans that will be stopping in!

We have worked so hard this past year and we are grateful to you! Come by, let us love you the way that you have loved us.



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