Our Decision to Homeschool Lynlee

September 25, 2015 2 Comments

Well this isn’t really something I thought would be my reality, but God has a funny sense of humor. He brought this feeling of homeschool at a time that was ehhhhhhhh not so ideal- 3 weeks into school (a school that works convenient with my busy schedule might I add) and in the midst of The Rev and BFR. But ya know  or our convenience. Lacey and I have learned this through the years. #bfr #otherjobs #herwedding #therev #babies We have also learned that God didn’t design her or me for easy and that HE always knows best.   

When this first began to be a topic of conversation I just prayed and prayed, talked to my husband, Michael and sought counsel from a couple of veteran mommas. When Michael and I had the initial conversation he literally looked at me like I had 5 heads. We just kept praying and honestly hoped that this notion would go away. But it didn’t.  When the feelings kept bubbling up I finally spilled the beans to Lacey, telling her how burdened I had been about this. She looked at me and in true form of us said- “I know, I have known in my heart God put this on you and we need to do it. We will make this work. We can do this!” 

  that this was the route we needed to take. (This is one of those things we say as we are making big decisions- we feel that if it is in line with God he will give us “signatures” as we are praying on a decision. Basically, little things that point us in the right direction.) God seems to unite my soul with Michael and also with Lacey. I can’t think of a single decision we have made in BFR that we didn’t feel united on even before we started talking about it. So with that unity I had a signature from God but still- why do this? Lynlee loves school, she has an INCREDIBLE teacher and is at a GREAT school. So why on earth would I disrupt this?    

My answer:  I felt it was my job to ensure she was getting an education that was centered on Christ. I also wanted to take the strengths God put in this little one and shine light on them while gently dimming those things that ehhhhhh aren’t so great. We were at a place where Michael and I were choosing between better and best. We know that Lynlee would have been fine in school and things would have continued to go well but after exploring this option, we knew this was 

Unbeknownst to me, God has been preparing me for this for a long time. He has been training me, professionally yes with all of those years of schooling for education, but more so spiritually to rely on him 100%. There have been so many times in the past 4 years I have been unequipped, scared and unsure how it was all going to work but a weird sense of peace has come over me where God said “trust me” (again, another signature- peace). So I have trusted Him through all the seemingly crazy decisions and they, although not easy, have been incredible. God has moved in huge ways and I have been lucky to be a part of that movement. He took my shaky “yes” and turned it into something far more than I could imagine. That is sort of how I feel now- scared but confident that  that I will undoubtedly leave. And because I have seen him transform that shaky yes into something beautiful I am pretty excited! God continually provides a ridiculously amazing support system around me, Michael and Lynlee….oh and Everhett too bless his second-child, 100%-boy heart. That is a total different story that will be assessed later down the road. 

I may be a crazy person and may only do this for one year but, for this year, at this time,

 I am confident that there are going to be many challenges this year, probably some tears but I am also confident that Lynlee and I and our whole family will grow. Our relationships with one another and with Christ- I know growth will happen. I also know Lynlee will be poured into by so many amazing people. Even the conversations within The Rev- I have been so blessed by these, by you. Hearing how God is moving and working in the world is incredible, it can take your breath away and strengthen your faith when your light may be dimming or it can pour gasoline to an already blazing fire. I want this for Lynlee, I want her to learn in an environment God is using and fueling.

  I want her to be encouraged by Morgan and Lacey and Reese and all of our amazing interns. I want her to see what work ethic looks like, what working for God looks like- not always glamorous, not always receiving a thank you, not always easy, often receiving judgment BUT always, always worth it. 


So here we go! If you come in The Rev you may just be greeted by a 3 ft tall, sassafras.  and could probably run The Rev, BFR and babysit Baby Miles all simultaneously. :) She also loves Disney Princesses, My Little Pony and YouTube Make-up tutorials- bless it. 

Please pray for me on this journey 'cause Lord knows I will need it and Lord knows this will be a journey! 

So this comes the part Brit doesn't know about! Since I (being Lacey) usually upload the blogs I miiiiight have taken the liberty to add a little something here from the crew of The Rev. This decision Britney has made is big, really big. It is the future of her child's education, it is a new job for Britney and it is a new little person joining our everyday at The Rev. When Britney told us about her decision and asked us for grace during this time we all rallied around her and were SO excited about her choice and to have that little rascal around us more often! So all of us that are here day in and out wanted to share a little bit about our thoughts on Brit's decision about Homeschool. 


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Deanna Mathias
Deanna Mathias

September 28, 2015

Thank you Ladies,
Your faith and decisions impact my Cherisse, Matt and DrewMan. What leaders you all are including Lynlee. Hugs from the beach.
Deanna Mathias -Cherisse’s Mom and prayer Warrior

Cherisse Hixson
Cherisse Hixson

September 26, 2015

I couldn’t be MORE excited, proud and thrilled to be able to encourage and support Britney and Lynlee in this decision! Those pics melt my heart of you and Lylee working side by side! God has BIG plans and with her being by your side more will be “Caught Than Taught” she has the best role models surrounding her:
Ones of huge faith in action, true passion and love for others!

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